Ontario Jubilee History


Ontario Jubilee began in 1990 as The Toronto-Shalom Program in Spiritual Direction. Donald Grayston (Pacific Jubilee) and Mary McCann (Regis College staff) worked with Bill Lord (Director of Continuing Education at Toronto School of Theology) to bring to Ontario what was started in Vancouver. The first residency was held at Loretto College on the University of Toronto campus.

In the late 1990s Joan Atkinson, csj took over as director and shortly thereafter it became a two-year program to reflect the influx of lay persons who had less spiritual formation. In 2005 Ontario Jubilee was moved to Huron University College in London, Ontario as a continuing education program in the Theology department. In 2007 Miriam Frey became the director. Very few theology students participated in the Jubilee program so in 2012 the program was moved to Five Oaks Centre, Paris, Ontario where it has flourished in the retreat centre’s spacious and contemplative setting.

In 2016 the Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre decided to close its doors so the Jubilee program has responded to the change by securing Crieff Hills, just south of Guelph Ontario as the base for programs.