The Program

  1. Taste of Jubilee: day-long or weekend workshops and retreats that invite self-awareness and spiritual growth. (details below)

  2. Certificate Program: a 2-year program divided into two year-long units:

    Phase I: develops skills of listening, discernment and spiritual practice

    Phase II – a practicum in spiritual direction.

     (details below)

    See printable Program Brochure and Application form


We live in a world that encourages productivity and constant activity. Meanwhile, our souls are longing for peacefulness, meaning and sacred rest.

Ontario Jubilee wants to provide opportunity to nurture the soul, renew the spirit and honour the sacred in everyday life. Currently, we have three programs designed for individuals interested in exploring spiritual practices and discerning their own call to receive (or offer) spiritual direction:

The Certificate Program

Ontario Jubilee offers a two-year certificate program of practical learning in spiritual growth, soul development and the art of spiritual direction.

The program is about:

  • Understanding oneself and others
  • Being faithful to one’s inner life that sees no divide between body, heart, and intellect
  • Opening to the world of spirit while being grounded in a spiritual tradition
  • Practicing forms of service, meditation, and prayer that transform our lives

 Ontario Jubilee seeks to empower the human spirit to live into its inherent potential.

 Our aim is to experience together, a spiritual journey that awakens us to the influences of creation, western culture and Spirit in our lives.

Using a wide variety of teaching tools and spiritual practices, we focus on the art of listening  and discernment; we seek to broaden our understanding of soulful living as the basis for true right action.

We mentor, support and supervise participants, helping them to engage as catalysts in creating contemplative communities and providing spirit-filled leadership wherever their journeys take them.

Ontario Jubilee offers Sabbath rest and a rich network of companions for the journey.

 Phase I – Soulful Living

The first year invites participants to develop spiritual practices that help them feel alive. Within a caring community, they participate in:

  • Two 5-day residencies – June 2018 and the other June 2019
  • Assigned and supplementary reading
  • Five theme reflection papers and one integration paper
  • Three-day silent retreat
  • Regular spiritual direction
  • Facilitation of a monthly home-based Journey Group

Phase II – Spiritual Direction Practicum

The second year is for those who discern a call to the ministry of spiritual direction. Through study and practical experience, participants develop their skill in accompanying others who long to also be free and alive. They participate in:

  • Two 5-day residencies – beginning October 2019 and the other October 2020.
  • Assigned and supplementary reading
  • Four theme papers and one position paper
  • Four day silent retreat
  • Continuation of regular spiritual direction
  • Participation in a monthly home-based peer-support group

Upon completion of the program participants receive an Ontario Jubilee Certificate.

 Unless noted otherwise, all residencies are at Crieff Hills Retreat Centre, Puslinch, Ontario


Registration for the Certificate Program is a two-part process:

Submit contact information and pay the $100 registration fee to Crieff Hills Community: or 800-884-1525 or

Email the completed application form  to: Miriam Frey, Program Coordinator:

Important Dates

Registration deadline for the 2018 program is March 15, 2018.

Phase I begins May 27 – June 1, 2018

Phase I ends May 26-31, 2019

Dates to be confirmed for Phase II begins Oct 2019

Phase II ends Oct or Nov 2020